5 Ways Feelio Blocks Can Be Used In Yoga

 If you have some experience with yoga, you'll know that the wrists are one of the most important body parts, as they ensure stability and connection to the ground in many yoga postures.

Many yogis, especially beginners, inadvertently put too much weight on their wrists, which results in wrist pain and discomfort. Feelio Blocks are yoga wrist balancing blocks that help yogis perfect their yoga postures without sacrificing joints or tissues.

Feelio wooden yoga wrist blocks aren't your traditional yoga prop. They are handcrafted and designed to allow the wrists to be in a more ergonomically sound position during yoga. They can also be used as parallettes for handstands, pushups or L-sits.

Here are a few ways Feelio Blocks can be used in yoga:   

Downward Facing Dog

Placing your hands on the handles allows for more space and range of motion moving overhead. The handle will also elevate you off the ground, setting you up for future movements in your practice. Downward dog is absolutely foundational to the yoga practice, so you don’t want to pass over this pose thinking it’s just for killing time. With your hands on the blocks you can relief your wrists and condition your abs by lifting one off the ground!

Crescent Lunge

Feelio Blocks are heavenly for crescent lunge position. You can open your arms wide for a deep back bend or press your arms up and down for a shoulder burner! Crescent lunge won’t get boring with Feelio Blocks, as there’s always a way to challenge the upper and lower body with a few little adjustments.

Revolved Triangle

This may be our favorite use of Feelio Blocks since the handle creates an incredible opportunity to move the blocks anywhere you’d like. Whether you are looking for a stretch, strength challenger, or more support, Feelio Blocks are money for this posture. As yoga hand balancing props, they can help improve your stability and balance as well!

Reclined Twist

Feelio Blocks can be used in this posture to deepen the stretch through the pecs, shoulders, and arms. The handle gives you the chance to specify where you want the stretch and give you confidence knowing you won’t lose your grip! It’s also a huge benefit to have the extra weight.

Bridge Pose

Another way you can benefit from Feelio Bocks is the bridge pose. You can place a block under your feet, sacrum, or even keep them in your hands for an added abdominal challenge.

A professional yogi in bridge pose

Feelio Blocks are ergonomically friendly yoga wrist support blocks that help you combat wrist pain and discomfort.

Our Feelio Blocks are handcrafted to perfection by our local woodworkers. These yoga fitness wrist support blocks are more than your average yoga prop. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced level yogi, you can benefit from these beautiful blocks!

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