Choosing the Right Yoga Props

Now you might be thinking, why do I need yoga props? Well, these valuable tools can help you elevate your yoga practice. However, it can be hard to find the right yoga props if you're new to it, and the whole process can leave you a bit overwhelmed. You don’t need to be a beginner to use props either—they’re helpful at every skill level.


However, don’t just buy yoga accessories online without knowing what to look for! It’s better to stick with basic props when you start instead of going for anything expensive. Let’s look at some yoga accessories you can buy if you’re not sure of what you need.  


Even though some people prefer practicing outdoors on grass or the floor, mats can be a valuable prop to improve your practice. Mats are more sanitary and help you with an improved grip and stability. Your joints get the necessary cushion they need to help you stretch appropriately. However, you need to be careful about the type of mat you choose.


The type of yoga you do will determine your choice of mat. Flow yoga has more movement, so you need a mat with more grip, which helps keep your body stable. If you intend to do restorative yoga, then you need a soft and comfy mat. For power yoga, you need a mat that absorbs sweat and prevents you from slipping.


Yoga blocks are one of the most popular props used by yogis worldwide. This accessory can help you elevate your practice to the next level. You can get yoga wrist balancing blocks from Feelio Blocks, designed to support your wrist during intense yoga practice.


You need to consider the material of the block before making your purchase. Feelio Blocks are made from raw wood and are handcrafted by professional woodworkers. Their innovative handle helps your wrist stay in an ergonomically friendly position and protects it from unwanted incidents.

 person doing yoga


Yoga straps are another useful accessory that can deepen your practice. Straps are used to help in twisting and stretching postures. You may find a lot of different straps available in the market, but there are various factors you need to consider before choosing the one that fits the bill!


The length of the strap is critical, because you’ll need to ensure that the strap is long enough to latch on comfortably. The most common sizes are 6 to 8 ft long. However, you can also go for a longer one if you’re taller. You also need to consider the strap material when making your purchase. Most are made of cotton. However, you can also choose other materials.


If you’re looking at quality wooden yoga wrist blocks to help you with your yoga, then check out the products at Feelio Blocks. Our fitness wrist blocks can help you with various benefits that go beyond your traditional props and accessories. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced yogi or beginning to start your journey; Feelio Blocks are for everyone!


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