How Do Feelio Blocks Improve Your Yoga Practice?

Yoga is an art designed to improve your physical and mental health. There’s no doubt that yoga has helped many improve their physical, emotional, and mental outlook. However, intermediate yogis often fall out of love with yoga as they believe they’ve reached their maximum potential.

This idea of perfection in yoga is wrong, as there is always room for improvement. One should not limit themselves to standard practices, as yoga aims to push boundaries and explore the inner self. Many may even use yoga blocks and accessories to take their practice and abilities to the next level.

We have excellent fitness wrist support blocks aimed to provide maximum support to your wrist while doing yoga. Here's how our products can improve your yoga practice.

Helps in The Downward Facing Dog Position

Downward dog position is fundamental in yoga practice. However, many find it challenging to elevate themselves off the ground. This is when Feelio blocks can help. You can place your hands on the handles as it will allow for more space and let you get the posture right without stressing your joints too much.  

 It will help you lift from the ground to construct your future movements. The blocks will support your wrists during the pose and put the necessary pressure on your abs to extract the maximum benefit out of the pose.

Lunges Get Easy with Feelio Blocks

One of the best uses of these yoga block wedges will help you make the crescent lunge with ease! Whether you want to stretch your arms for a backbend or extend your arms to put pressure on your shoulders, Feelio Blocks will help you every step of the way. With minor tweaks to your routine, you can challenge your body differently and improve your yoga practice.

Extra Weight Helps in Practice

If you’re looking to improve your reclined twist yoga posture, then Feelio Blocks are the way to go! You can get an improved and better stretch through your shoulders and arms. Place your hands on the handle, and you can maneuver your body in a way that gives maximum stretch in the desired area of your body. The block will give you additional wrist support and confidence that you won’t lose your grip.

Improve Stability and Balance

You can use Feelio blocks to improve your stability and balance. The handle on the blocks lets you move the wedges anywhere you like. You can work on your strength and get proper stretches to elevate your practices. These blocks help in the revolved triangle posture. So, make sure to get these blocks if you want to have better stability, improved balance, and support to carry out your practice efficiently.

 A pair of Tahoe Blocks

Feelio Blocks can be your solution to carry out a better practice. Our wooden yoga wrist blocks can even help you do a handstand! Local woodworkers carefully handcraft South Lake Tahoe, CA, and Marshall, NC. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced yogi or beginning to start your journey; Feelio blocks are for everyone!


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