How Feelio Blocks Can Help Provide Wrist Support and Eliminate Wrist Pain

Many yoga poses involve practitioners being on their wrists. Sometimes, it's not something our body is used to initially. The popularity of handstand, plank, crow, firefly, peacock, downward-facing dog, side crow, chaturanga, and other arm balancing poses inspires many to attend workshops to make the variation du jour possible while helping build the core strength.


However, if done incorrectly, you could end up experiencing wrist pain or numbness. You can be diagnosed with arthritis or repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, even with seemingly simple poses. This may be due to improper balance distribution or pressure in the wrists.

Many people habitually bear weight on their hands, making the poses uncomfortable and difficult if they overuse muscles that are already tired from common activities such as household chores and computer work. Yoga instructors typically recommend warming up, stretching, and slowly adding pressure before transitioning to another pose or putting the full body weight on the wrists. Avoid cupping your palms and try to disperse the weight by using yoga block wedges that help improve posture, balance, and strength in weaker muscles. Here are a few ways Feelio Blocks help provide wrist support and reduce wrist pain.

1) Robust Support

Most yoga poses require the use of hands in varying degrees. These poses require shifting the body weight to the wrists for support, resulting in too much stress on the particular area of your hands. Wrist support blocks help create additional support and prevent injuries by being able to grip an embedded handle and maintain a neutral wrist position.

2) Additional Strength

Yoga practices closely related to workout activities require the person to try various routines to tone their muscles and build core strength. From firefly to planks, many exercises can be a part of this routine. Yoga blocks provide extra support in these activities to help you build strength. They're also excellent for streamlining resistance when doing activities for toning the muscles or losing weight. Feelio blocks also weigh more than your typical block, ranging from 2.5 to 3 pounds, to provide added resistance for strength training.

Person on yoga hand balancing blocks

3) Prevents Pains

Many people cannot keep up their yoga routine because of pains that often result from muscle straining, particularly in the wrist area. Putting too much pressure on the wrist area can strain them. Wooden yoga blocks provide the support needed to reduce the pressure on this wrist area.

4) Allows Flexibility

Most yoga exercises require the practitioner to employ ample flexibility in the movements that often involve using the wrists. However, the wrists shouldn't be overextended, as this can lead to injuries. Using yoga wrist balancing blocks can allow you to find support when performing different styles and forms of yoga without worrying. The yoga wedge support assists in the alignment and movements. This flexibility offered by Feelio Blocks helps avoid wrist muscle straining or injuries that require extra flexibility.

5) Reduced Compression

Compression injuries occur when the wrist bone hits other bones, causing the tissues to be pushed and pressed towards each other. Adequate wrist support provided by yoga blocks helps keep the muscles and bones in the right position.

Explore New Yoga Postures Safely

  yoga hand balancing blocks


Wooden yoga blocks are useful for beginners and advanced yogis alike. They help practitioners explore various asana variations and allow you to gradually increase flexibility and improve your balance, alignment, and posture over time.

Explore new poses by buying yoga block wedges and placing them under your feet or hands for additional support. Feelio Blocks has introduced various innovative products such as yoga wrist support blocks and push-up stand parallettes to assist people in their yoga practice. Our wooden yoga wrist blocks are slip-resistant with a sturdy base, which helps significantly enhance stability and balance.

They're excellent for relieving the stress on the wrists, making yoga much more efficient. In both South Lake Tahoe, CA, and Marshall, NC, local woodworkers carefully handcraft these fitness wrist support blocks and other yoga accessories in custom batches.

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced yogi or starting your journey. These wooden yoga wrist blocks are for everyone! Explore our collection to buy yoga parrallettes or yoga block wedges.