Blue Ridge-Pair (~3 lbs each block)
Blue Ridge-Pair (~3 lbs each block)
Blue Ridge-Pair (~3 lbs each block)
Blue Ridge-Pair (~3 lbs each block)

Blue Ridge-Pair (~3 lbs each block)

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The Blue Ridge blocks are the most refined and polished edition of Feelio blocks. The name comes from the iconic Blue Ridge Mountains, a subrange of Appalachian Mountains

Feelio blocks are built for creative teachers and movers. They can be used sequentially as support for yoga poses, dynamic movements, strength training, flexibility, wrist support, parallettes, and more.

Each purchase includes a set of two blocks. Each block measures approximately 4 x 6 x 9 inches and weighs ~3 lbs, providing a stable and grounded feel. These unique blocks are made of Maple, Alder, Cherry, and Poplar woods.

Feelio blocks are for those interested in advancing their current practice, both physically and creatively.

Disclaimer: Please note that wood grains and weights can vary so your blocks may look slightly different from the photos!

For shipping details, please see our FAQ.

Handcrafted in Marshall, North Carolina.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sarah S
Sleek yoga aid

I've been using Feelio blocks for about 9mos. They've helped me get back on my mat after dealing with a pesky wrist injury for a couple years. Thank you for making a wonderful and helpful product!

Julie Mays
So much more than a regular block!

These blocks are so amazing at not only improving your yoga practice but increasing your strength. Since I started using Feelio Blocks I have found my stamina, strength, mobility and creativity have all improved dramatically. Thank you so much for making these wonderful products!

Lydia Simrayh
Highly recommend

These are absolutely incredible! I’ve been working around a wrist injury for almost two months now. I haven’t been able to bear weight on my left wrist which is what initially led me to purchasing these blocks. The grip position allows me to still use both of my hands comfortably so my wrist isn’t in constant extension. Also- I love that I can move around with these guys. I was a huge cork block girl prior but those can’t be picked up as easily. These add challenge, ease, and stability in all areas of my practice. I can’t wait to get upside down with them eventually when my wrist is good. Hands down the coolest blocks I’ve ever used and they are an incredible prop to add to any movement practice!!! Beautiful, authentic, and unique in their own perfect way. I couldn’t be any happier with this purchase. 🙏🙏🙏

Vernon Long
A genuine game changer for yoga practiioners!

I've been using my Feeiio blocks for over a month now and honestly the impact on my (mostly ashtanga based) practice has exceeded my expectations. I just love them! I already have a bunch of 'regular' yoga blocks but these are a game changer. A nice feature is that you can simple flip them over and use them as regular blocks if you want.
I am someone who has striven to jump back and through for many years now, the Feelio blocks have made that goal a reality, it's such a great sensation to get the extra height they provide that allows me to pivot and swing my legs back, a bonus is that they feel very comfortable, natural and solid to grip so my wrists are nice and safe.
The blocks are also great for some postures which I hadn't originally considered such as Purvottanasana. They feel very solid and have a nice weight to them that adds an extra strength aspect to my practice. Unlike other blocks I've used, I often use these non-stop throughout my asana flow, they have become more than a prop, its kinda like they have become an extension of my arms, I mean, why the heck not! (as you can see 'm not an ashtanga fundamentalist :-)
I am 6 '2 and was a bit worried as to whether the blocks would take my full weight in poses such as handstand, however as soon as I received and tried them I realized I had nothing to worry about, these blocks are super solid and built to last! Overall, I'm super happy with my investment and am very grateful to the Feelio blocks guys for going above and beyond by shipping to me all the way over here in France!
I discovered these blocks via Erin Kelly's Instagram and I am delighted to see that her and Anthony from Feelio blocks have just released a course specifically targeted to Feelio blocks, I'm signing up for that right now :-)
Thanks Feelioblocks!!

ps. I forgot to mention, they also look really cool!

Catia Barroco
So versatile and helpful

From the friendly and personalized customer service that went above and beyond to get my babies all the way to an island in UK to the moment I finally practice with them.
What a game changer!!!
As a massage therapist and a yoga practitioner these have been definitely the best investment I have made so far
Other than saving my wrists from all the extension we tend to be in on our practice to making a lot of poses accessible and they are so versatile that you can also use them to make it more challenging and / or add load
Thank you so much for your effort to make all necessary arrangements so that I can have them all the way here 😌🙏🙏🙏