Five Tips on Using Props in Yoga

When it comes to yoga gear and accessories, most people like to keep it simple by only using a yoga mat. They avoid using yoga props because they're unaware of their many physical benefits.

Take it from a fellow yogi; yoga props don't hold you back. They're there to provide you with extra support on some yoga poses. They can boost a limited range of motion and make things easier.

From yoga wrist support blocks to yoga straps and blankets, let's take a closer look at how you can incorporate yoga props in your practice:

Balancing Load in Plank

A plank position can be very challenging especially when it comes to stability and balance. Try shifting your body’s load on Feelio yoga blocks to mitigate the risks of wrist injury.

Yoga blocks are great way to add stability to your arms and shoulders as your body settles into a pose.  

For Variation Poses

Sometimes, a yoga pose can be intimidating, especially for beginners. In such cases, props can be useful to help you progress.

Think of yoga props as training wheels that yogis can use.

A Feelio yoga block is helpful in standing poses where you can completely reach the floor. It can balance your posture as the block is a few inches high, making it easier for you to touch the floor.

Rib Cage Position

You can use a yoga strap to increase your flexibility and aid their stretching. It helps in decreasing tension.

Use a Feelio block in a warrior or rib cage position to increase muscle engagement and activate the biceps. Feelio Blocks change the distribution load by activating the arm muscle.   

These yoga props are also useful for monitoring shoulder rotator cuff injury.

Stretching Limbs

Many yogis often complain about not being able to reach their feet. If this complaint sounds familiar, we'd recommend you acquaint yourself with yoga straps.

Yoga straps are beneficial in extending your arms and legs' reach. Yoga props can help amateur and seasoned yogis get into deeper stretches that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Comfort and Ease

Yoga props like yoga block wedges are great for uncomfortable poses that make you wonder if yoga really is 'for you.'

Whether it has something to do with your bone structure or another issue—yoga practice alone can't change it.

Yoga props provide you with the much-needed support during these poses that would usually be inaccessible. Make use of yoga props regularly to avoid feeling like you're in a rut.

A yogi using Yoga wrist balancing blocks

Feelio Blocks are one of our favorite yoga accessories.

Feelio yoga blocks aren't just your traditional yoga props. They help refine fundamental yoga postures and mitigate the risks of wrist injuries.

Each of our Feelio Blocks is carefully designed and handcrafted to perfection. These yoga fitness wrist support blocks are built for both beginners and teachers.

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