Wooden Yoga Blocks reduce wrist pain when exercising

Yoga Parallettes, including push-up stand parallettes, are essential for performing bodyweight exercises safely. Feelio's high-quality yoga blocks and parallettes are the ultimate strength training tools for muscle development and toning. Wooden handstand blocks and push-up parallettes are especially helpful for hand balancing and grip strengthening when used during yoga. They aid in correcting your posture and bringing variation to your yoga routine.

Wooden yoga blocks and parallettes help with movements that may be too difficult to perform on the floor, depending on your body structure, skill level, and flexibility. When the load gets evenly distributed throughout the body due to the ergonomic angle of your hold, it helps activate more stabilizer muscles in your forearms and hands when gripping them, leading to less strain and reduced chances of joint, tissue, or muscular injuries.

Why Buy Feelio Yoga Parallettes and Hand Balancing Wooden Blocks?

Besides optimizing hand balancing with ergonomically friendly natural postures, they also help increase wrist and grip strength. Gradually, Feelio yoga blocks and parallettes allow for a greater range of motions, leading to more effective exercise as more muscles can be targeted and trained. Even people with carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist injuries can maintain consistency by finding the right support. More importantly, they help improve the alignment by allowing you to try out more challenging positions comfortably.

Wristore your yoga practice by buying handcrafted wooden yoga blocks, parallettes, and other accessories by Feelio Blocks.