How Feelio Blocks Help Prevent Overuse Injuries

By now, you must have heard all about the numerous benefits offered by yoga, including lower stress levels, better sleep, improved blood regulation, and increased strength and flexibility, among many others.
Besides better balancing, the practice of yoga offers a lot more, such as practicing self-reflection, continued self-awareness and growth, and learning to be kinder towards oneself and others. All the benefits offered by the discipline are only helpful when you can find a sense of comfort in the poses you try in your daily routine. This is because, if you’re not careful, yoga can lead to discomfort or injuries, particularly in your lower back, elbows, hamstrings, neck, knees, ribcage, shoulders, and wrists. Whether you like seated or standing poses, yoga block wedges are excellent for enhancing flexibility safely, allowing you to find greater enjoyment as you practice new and regular poses during your daily yoga routine.

What are yoga blocks?

Feelio Blocks has introduced wooden yoga block wedges to help those looking for a tool that makes performing yoga asanas easier and safer. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro trying new or complex poses, yoga blocks can help you nail the correct posture. Those struggling with issues such as lifting their body weight in arm balances, wobbling in standing asanas, sitting on the floor in a certain position for too long, or relaxing the head in forward-bends would find yoga blocks and accessories offered at their website incredibly helpful.

While blocks are available in many materials, including cork, foam, and plastic, wooden yoga blocks are highly recommended for stability due to their increased weight. Widely used in Restorative, Iyengar, and Yin Yoga, these blocks are also popular amongst those looking to improve their balance, build core strength, asana alignment, promote better elongation, and deepen relaxation or stretches, irrespective of the yoga style you practice.

A pair of wooden yoga blocks

Preventing overuse injuries is another key benefit offered by Feelio Blocks. Let’s look at a few ways wooden yoga blocks designed by the top woodworkers in custom batches have when it comes to helping beginners and advanced practitioners restore their practice.

Yoga Blocks Help Improve Alignment

Problems such as difficulty in keeping the knees aligned with your ankles during standing asanas, knees caving in during squats or certain poses, and finding it challenging to keep the spine straight are all related to alignment. By grabbing the handles when using Feelio blocks, you can easily engage the targeted muscles. This helps align your knees, hips, and spine properly, while also helping keep them strong and safe from unwanted stress or injuries.

Yoga Blocks Help Better Understand Internal and External Rotations

Many have admitted feeling lost when their yoga instructors speak about rotating their thigh muscles internally or asking them to rotate the shoulders externally. The goal is to increase your awareness of the overall muscle movement, especially in the hips, legs, shoulders, and hands, to achieve proper alignment and avoid overuse injuries. The blocks help create much more space for elongating the body conveniently while helping to understand the real difference between internal and external rotation, allowing one to practice different asanas with much more awareness and ease.

 A pair of wooden yoga wrist blocks

Yoga Blocks Bring the Floor to You

One of the most straightforward functions of Feelio blocks is to reduce the distance between you and the ground, allowing the facilitation and modification of yoga matches in a way that matches your flexibility level. These blocks also help overcome the struggles associated with trying new asanas or finding the balance while helping you avoid wobbling. They also help avoid curving of the spine when straining the hamstringing, wrists, and other body parts as you ground your feet firmly into the ground.

Yoga Blocks Help Maintain Postures For Long

Holding yoga poses is beneficial for building stamina, strength, and flexibility. It’s also helpful for reaping the therapeutic benefits of asanas. Yoga blocks can give you the support and stability required to stay calm and breathe properly as you hold the posture for long without exerting yourself or risking overuse injuries.

At Feelio Blocks, we believe you don’t have to be a beginner or suffer from injuries to benefit from yoga blocks, yoga parallettes, and other accessories available at our online store. Fitness wrist support blocks, push-up stand parallettes, and yoga block wedges are perfect for anyone looking to ease into more challenging poses, strengthen their grip, add resistance, and relieve pain, stiffness, and pressure in the wrist, shoulders, elbows, ribcage, and other body parts.

Restore your yoga practice with high-quality yoga block wedges and other yoga accessories available at our store for helping yogis enjoy the discipline to the fullest while preventing overuse injuries.