Fun Ways to Use Props for Yoga Arm Balance Poses

Arm balance poses are challenging or tricky for most yogis, especially those with less upper body strength. However, you don't have to be Superman or Superwoman to be able to practice arm-balance poses in yoga. The real trick lies in figuring out where the center of gravity needs to be. Learning to balance correctly for your body size and shape then becomes easier.

Arms are used as the fulcrum for you to balance on in most balance poses. Once you figure out how to get equal weight on both sides, you'll be able to hover with the best of them. And yoga accessories and props can help you master arm balances like a pro! Yoga blocks by Feelio Blocks are especially helpful in finding your center of gravity.

Not only do they help you find more space in the poses, but they also aid in staying in poses longer and are excellent for those still developing strength to achieve stability or try creative poses. Keep reading to discover new ways to use block wedges to safely take your yoga practice to the next level.

1. Sun Salutations with Yoga Blocks 

Experience true freedom as you move through Surya Namaskar easily by positioning your hands on gripping yoga blocks. The extra lift through the armpits allows lengthening your arms to ease stepping forward from downward dog and back from Uttanasana more freely.

You can transition from Chaturanga Dandasana to the upward dog pose without needing to come down to the floor. It's also an incredibly helpful tool for learning how to press down through the palms and lift the underside of your shoulders and arms without straining them.

2. Crow on Yoga Blocks

Crow pose execution demands quite a lot of strength. If your hips don't allow you to get your knees above the elbow height, it can get almost impossible to take flight in the arm balance. Use yoga hand balancing blocks to give your hips an easy lift.

First, place the block in the middle of the mat and place your feet on the block. Then, squat down and carefully place your hands on the mat in front of you. Try to open your knees around the arms and squeeze the inner knees around the upper arms before lifting the hips higher.

Keep squeezing the thighs together while drawing up through the core, and grip the floor strongly as you move slightly forward. If you're already a pro at Crow pose, try holding the wedge in between the inner edges of your feet, bringing it towards your sitting bones in the arm balance.

Woman using yoga blocks

3. Balancing Postures on Wooden Yoga Blocks

Step up your concentration game by putting your balance to the test by standing on a yoga wedge during your transitions for even the most basic balancing asanas. Rather than collapsing out on the balancing poses as soon as they're over, standing on sturdy blocks forces us to remain focused and present as we move in and out of the postures from right to left side. They also help strengthen your ankles and arches, which could otherwise be sore the following day. 

Place a yoga wedge lengthwise on the mat. Feelio Blocks work best because they're curated especially using lightweight but top-quality wood by artisans to make them easy to use or transport while remaining supportive, slip-free, and sturdy. Place both your feet on the block and slowly deepen your breath until you're ready. Then wiggle one foot to the block's center, drawing the opposite knee into the chest. Now you're free to practice numerous one-legged standing poses, including the eagle pose, tree pose, warrior pose, extended hand-to-toe pose, and so on. Place an extra block on the crown of your head to make it more challenging.

Yoga accessories like wooden yoga blocks, push-up stand parallettes, and block wedges assist yogis in modifying their practice while being mindful of their form, weight distribution, and alignment. Feelio Blocks have helped countless yoga practitioners gain accessibility to advanced poses, improve balance and flexibility, build strength, and prevent injuries. Wooden yoga wrist blocks bring the floor closer to practitioners, which helps prevent overextending, straining, falling, or pushing the body beyond its limits.

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