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Fun Ways to Use Props for Yoga Arm Balance Poses

Arm balance poses are challenging or tricky for most yogis, especially those with less upper body strength. However, you don't have to be Superman or Superwoman to be able to practice arm-balance poses in yoga. The real trick lies in figuring out where the center of gravity needs to be. Learning to balance correctly for your body size and shape then becomes easier. Arms are used as the fulcrum for you to balance on in most balance poses. Once you figure out how to get equal weight on both sides, you'll be able to hover with the best of them. And yoga accessories and props can help you master arm balances like a pro! Yoga blocks by Feelio Blocks are especially helpful in...

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Top Tips For Cracking Jump-Through Transitions

Yoga transitions refer to movements or poses to move from one asana to the next. Just like individual asanas, these have a purpose too. They help prepare our bodies for the next pose. Lifting up and jumping back is quite a popular transition admired by yogis worldwide. Those trying the jump-through transition for the first time often find it difficult toget their sit bones more than a fraction of an inch off the floor. Putting the legs through the arms is another story altogether.  If this sounds intimidating, a good approach would be to learn the principles and mechanics behind the seemingly impossible movement. At Feelio Blocks, we believe that practice helps concur anything. So, we've gathered a few tips...

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How To Return to Your Yoga Practice After an Injury

Experiencing injuries as a yogi not only sets back the practice but also negatively impacts the mind and spirit. Picking things up could feel overwhelming when you're ready to return to practice post-injury. While we recommend asking your physician before starting back, yoga is highly adaptable for those looking to continue their practice during the injury rehabilitation period. In fact, don't be frustrated if you cannot yet get into your usual poses. Use this opportunity to bring an intense level of insight and awareness into your practice. It will help you determine which movements are better for your injury and which must be avoided altogether. Experts at Feelio Blocks have also jotted down some tips to help those looking to...

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Counteract Hypermobility with these Essential Yoga Adjustments and Modifications

Are you incredibly flexible or hyper-extended in any of the muscles or joints? If yes, this means you might be a hypermobile yogi. Hypermobility can occur in both muscles and joints. You might have come across thousands of posts about taking micro bends in our elbows and knees to protect the joints, but that will only get you so far. We’ve collated a list of essential yoga adjustments and modifications to help you counteract hypermobility. But first, what’s hypermobility in the first place? Let’s find out! What’s Hypermobility? According to an estimate, around 10-20% of people globally have multiple joints that are relatively more mobile than average. This is known as generalized hypermobility. Some people experience complications, pain, or other...

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